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Monday, February 23, 2009

My First Netbook is the Fruit of Writing

It really pays if you do well with what you do. Ever since the rising popularity of the netbook computers, I have long been excited in owning one. But things do not come easily. I have a family to feed and several things that need to fix along with the effects of the world wide economic meltdown in our country. My earnings from what I do, online article writing and other stuff, drastically declined due to some inevitable factors that I did not anticipate.

Despite all the odds to my work, I was able to treat myself with my dream machine, an Acer Aspire One netbook. After gradually recovering from the rainy days of my online career, I was able to get back to the track and started it very well. This is the product of perseverance and love for what I do.

With this, I have proven to myself that earning online, without anyone to dictate you, can also earn you a good living. Also, after purchasing my new buddy, I have learned two things about doing work online. First, do not expect a sunny day when the rest of the world is rainy. Second, always do good with what you do and reap a good harvest.