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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Putting Your Heart on Your Work

As a writer, there is a need for me to try the work of others and determine how my work is doing against theirs. There was a time when I tried outsourcing a work for my own blog to a fellow writer, but was very dismayed with the product I received. That content for my blog was informational however there is no quality too it that really makes me felt sad and concluded that the heart of the writer was not on the work, but on the payment of the article.

I paid what was agreed to protect my integrity, but the product I received was seriously unimaginable and unacceptable that I had to rewrite it in order to come up with a more presentable article. The payment I made was a bit wasted on my end, but somehow it did help me figure out why writers do not achieve what they aim for. In writing, money is just secondary.

As a writer, what matters most to me is the article I deliver to my clients. Some clients may offer their article needs for prices lower than normal rates, but still you must not change the quality of the product you present. Money is not an issue but the work is. My motto is, “Work with your heart and soul for God”. This phrase keeps me inspired in writing for my clients. And it is a fulfillment for me seeing my writings published and visible to millions of people all over the world.

In everything that we do especially if that is our source of living then we must set our hearts to it and make sure to do the best in everything. Work done well is rewarded. It may not be financially, but through the satisfaction you feel after seeing how great your work is.

Friday, November 14, 2008

How to Properly Post Your Service

It’s been quite a while since I started offering my services online and I have been receiving good results from it. One factor I consider important when it comes to offering your services is the way you post it. This is your way to market what you offer and that should hit the right audience the first time they see your post. Let me share to you some techniques I was able to discover as I go along with my endeavor.

To properly post your service, make sure to include an accurate email account. This is very important since this will lead your customers to you. DO NOT USE AN EMAIL ACCOUNT associated with your payment processors. Why? Spamming is the very main reason why you should avoid it. You do not want to divulge that email account to the public or else you will be receiving spam email with is a short spam of time.

Another attraction to your post will be your title. Not the title of your post, but your title as an individual. When I say your title as an individual, I am not referring to your profession. Instead, show the public who you are. Words such as “Experienced” or “Expert” are always apple to the eyes of your client. Most clients are likely to hire people with these capabilities and expertise.

Do not include the word “cheap” in your post. If you are referring to the rate of your service, use the word “affordable” or words that convey similar meaning. This sounds better than the other. For some clients, the word “cheap” can some times reflect the quality of the work. So if you say “cheap service” then it could mean that your work will result to a poor quality or your fee is cheap.

Lead your customers to a relevant portfolio. This is your main dish. Impress your clients by showing them the quality of work you can produce and give them expectations of what they can get if they hire you. Clients will always ask for your portfolio to judge your output and determine if your work is worth the price you want.

Hope these things help and good luck everyone.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Boss…. One of My Best Friends

Finding work online can some times be difficult. Looking for the right client, earning their trust, and make them believe that you can do the job is the most difficult part of it. I was just lucky to find someone who became interested with my work and continuously provide me with work.

I consider him my boss, though we do not have any contrast and that’s how working online works. I also consider him as one of my very best friends not because of the money that he pays me for my work, but for the patience and guidance he showed me as I gradually build my ladder with my chosen career.

Not everyone is like him. Not all the time you meet someone who can pay much attention to your mistakes and willing to reshape you. That is reality. This does not normally happen online, but it did happen to me and made me very thankful for him. With all the troubles and worries I have caused my boss because of delayed turnaround of works, he is still considering my service for him.

Do you know how to earn someone’s trust even if you haven’t met him/her? The answer is simple. Honesty! Be honest in everything that you do and stay committed with you words. That will develop true friendship and will help you promote any career of your choice.

Have to delay my post about “right posting for your services”. I’ll be writing about it on my next blog.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Earned $250 Last October

October is truly a special month for me. First, I’m a Libran which means that I am very lucky. Second, I earned $250 for the whole month while working few hours online. Yes! I change my working habit. Instead of working day and night like what I did last September where I earned more than $350, I managed to work at most 6 hours a day last October. Quite a small amount, but I am enjoying it since living with that amount in my place is a decent living.

I can’t believe that I was going to earn $250 while taking most of my time having pleasure and being with my family. For the month, I went to three beaches, spent my birth with my family, and did lots of fun and exciting adventures almost every other day.

I was thinking that was going to earn less than that since I changed my working hours. The best part was my regular clients continued sending me projects that I worked during my free hours (not attending to my son’s needs).

This month, I am going to aim for a higher amount and will change a little bit of my working hours. Thanks to God I made it this far.

On my next blog, I am going to share on how to effectively post your services.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Work at Home II – How to Start Your Online Career

As promised, I have here a compilation on how you can start making money online. These are simple task that will earn you decent amount of cash over the Internet while doing something else. Once you have all the necessary things listed in my previous blog, then you’re good to start your online career.

For those bloggers who are still unaware that blogging can make you money, this is your chance. Any blogger can join affiliate programs and advertisements to incorporate links to there blogs for them to earn. A widely used program is Adsense which is provided by Google. You can include Adsense to your blog containing related advertisements and earn an equivalent amount every time visitors click the ads on your site.

You may also add few advertisements like Clickbanks, Bidvertiser, and others on your blog. Here’s a tip, when looking for companies that pay good with their advertisements, visit other blogs and check the advertisements that they have. You will soon have a picture of what to place on your blog. Another way of earning through blogging is the “Paid Blogging”. Site such as PayPerPost (PPP) pays its members for every “approved blog” posted on the member’s site.

PTC sites are interesting however the pay may fall under $0.01 to $0.012 per 30 seconds visit on a member advertisement. is a trusted PTC that pay good to its members. You can register to more PTC sites and start navigating there ads and they’ll pay you.

Now for other online activities that need not to work for any specific site, you can try article writing and web content writing services. Sites such as,, and are three of the most popular sites when looking for these jobs. These sites require you to register and start bidding on open projects. There are plenty of projects posted daily.

If you feel that you do not have any success in bidding projects on these sites, consider posting your services in Mostly, interested visitors of reply in about four to seven days after you have posted. Start earning online now!