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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How to Write Articles for Your Clients

Article writing is like any other job. You need to focus on what you write and provide the best possible output for your client’s satisfaction. Clients are more than willing to provide writers extra work as long as there is commitment to the work. What I have here are few tips on how to make the best out of writing.

Never Provide a Plagiarized Article

Basic rule is. You are paid to write fresh content for someone and not copy someone’s work. Providing plagiarized work to your client will ruin your reputation and possibly end up your career as a writer. You do not want to pay someone who does not provide you with what you need, right?

Research about the Topic

The only way to produce a good article is by providing your clients with a well researched article. This is not hard to do since the Internet itself is home to millions of available resources.

Do What Your Clients Require

The purpose why you write is because you are told to do so by your client. And so, it is just necessary to follow their orders. Stuff the content with the keywords provided by your client and determine the density required for the keywords. Most likely articles with 1%-3% keyword density are appropriate.

Interact with Your Client

To best follow what your clients need, it is very important to have a good communication. Do not hesitate to ask questions to your clients to clarify things. It is better to do measures ahead of time that do a rewrite in the end.

Lastly, Thank Your Client for the Work

A simple “Thank You” can mean a lot. Express your appreciation to your client for entrusting his/her needs. There are thousands of interested writers out there, but you are chosen by your client for the work. It is just right to give a simple appreciation for it.

Enjoy your work! Happy Earnings!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How to Start an Article Writing Gig

Article writing is similar to anything that we do in order to earn money. You need to exert effort and prepare things needed before starting. As Eastern writers, there is so much to prepare to become competitive with writers all over the world. There are a lot of Asian writers joining thousands of online earners and most of us are enjoying it.

To start an article writing gig, one must be knowledgeable in English and must know the basic rules in English writing. When I started my writing gig, I struggled from the start but gradually I was able to learn through experience and study. For Asian writers where English is not our first language, we may encounter some issues in writing articles. Through constant study and reading one will be able to learn the basics to the advance levels in writing.

Writing is fun and challenging. You can encounter difficult topics that need special attention and topics that will interest you most. Learning, earning, and enjoying are three things I love in writing. I get to know more about things through it and earn a living out of it. It’s like being back in college.

Once confident that you will be able to write good articles, the first way that will definitely give you attention is by providing free articles to people whom you may consider as your future clients. They will judge your type of writing and if they will be interested then consider yourself a new client. This is what others do to start a writing career.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

In Time for the Season

Holiday season is up again. We need extra cash for presents and other holiday expenditures. It is also time for bonuses and extra awards for a very well done job the whole year round. Though we have our bonuses, we still need extra cash for the coming year.

Doing extra work online will earn you few dollars that you can use for this holiday and make few saving for next year. This is the perfect time to great the holiday season. There are plenty of things to do online and to spend those idles hours. So gear up and start thinking of ways you can do online that will make you extra bucks for Christmas.

I’m planning to visit few places in my country so, I need to earn extra amount for it. I’ll be looking for more work this month and focus on earning extra money for our trip. I will also be changing few things with my work to achieve what I want for Christmas. Wish me good luck for this month.

Also, I have created a new blog related to different travel destinations all over the world. You can visit that at and enjoy your trip.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Why Should I Work Online?

The process of outsourcing article needs is commonly practiced today. It is the most practical and economical way of achieving marketing strategies through articles. Outsourcing articles is economical in the sense that writers are not part of any other contract with the company or individual hosting the project except for the agreed completion and payment of the articles. But not all the way it is effective. Everything can turn around if projects are outsourced to the wrong people.

Freelancing jobs have mushroomed and almost everybody is aware of the promises of good finances brought by doing work off regular office hours. Everyone wants to take his/her share of the ease of earning while working online. Yes, this is good however as a service provider one must also consider the quality of work delivered. There may be times when things do not turn the way as expected, but as a service provider you must do your part.

Commitment to the work and determination will bear good fruits. The opposite will definitely not get anything good unless straighten out. If one is serious about earning online then there must be time allocated for job orders to be completed and not just give any words of completing a task, but then leaving clients behind.

There have been many times when working online seems to be hard for me. But because of my interest in doing online work so I manage to overcome obstacles and continue working for my clients. Working online is simple when one is determined for it.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Putting Your Heart on Your Work

As a writer, there is a need for me to try the work of others and determine how my work is doing against theirs. There was a time when I tried outsourcing a work for my own blog to a fellow writer, but was very dismayed with the product I received. That content for my blog was informational however there is no quality too it that really makes me felt sad and concluded that the heart of the writer was not on the work, but on the payment of the article.

I paid what was agreed to protect my integrity, but the product I received was seriously unimaginable and unacceptable that I had to rewrite it in order to come up with a more presentable article. The payment I made was a bit wasted on my end, but somehow it did help me figure out why writers do not achieve what they aim for. In writing, money is just secondary.

As a writer, what matters most to me is the article I deliver to my clients. Some clients may offer their article needs for prices lower than normal rates, but still you must not change the quality of the product you present. Money is not an issue but the work is. My motto is, “Work with your heart and soul for God”. This phrase keeps me inspired in writing for my clients. And it is a fulfillment for me seeing my writings published and visible to millions of people all over the world.

In everything that we do especially if that is our source of living then we must set our hearts to it and make sure to do the best in everything. Work done well is rewarded. It may not be financially, but through the satisfaction you feel after seeing how great your work is.

Friday, November 14, 2008

How to Properly Post Your Service

It’s been quite a while since I started offering my services online and I have been receiving good results from it. One factor I consider important when it comes to offering your services is the way you post it. This is your way to market what you offer and that should hit the right audience the first time they see your post. Let me share to you some techniques I was able to discover as I go along with my endeavor.

To properly post your service, make sure to include an accurate email account. This is very important since this will lead your customers to you. DO NOT USE AN EMAIL ACCOUNT associated with your payment processors. Why? Spamming is the very main reason why you should avoid it. You do not want to divulge that email account to the public or else you will be receiving spam email with is a short spam of time.

Another attraction to your post will be your title. Not the title of your post, but your title as an individual. When I say your title as an individual, I am not referring to your profession. Instead, show the public who you are. Words such as “Experienced” or “Expert” are always apple to the eyes of your client. Most clients are likely to hire people with these capabilities and expertise.

Do not include the word “cheap” in your post. If you are referring to the rate of your service, use the word “affordable” or words that convey similar meaning. This sounds better than the other. For some clients, the word “cheap” can some times reflect the quality of the work. So if you say “cheap service” then it could mean that your work will result to a poor quality or your fee is cheap.

Lead your customers to a relevant portfolio. This is your main dish. Impress your clients by showing them the quality of work you can produce and give them expectations of what they can get if they hire you. Clients will always ask for your portfolio to judge your output and determine if your work is worth the price you want.

Hope these things help and good luck everyone.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Boss…. One of My Best Friends

Finding work online can some times be difficult. Looking for the right client, earning their trust, and make them believe that you can do the job is the most difficult part of it. I was just lucky to find someone who became interested with my work and continuously provide me with work.

I consider him my boss, though we do not have any contrast and that’s how working online works. I also consider him as one of my very best friends not because of the money that he pays me for my work, but for the patience and guidance he showed me as I gradually build my ladder with my chosen career.

Not everyone is like him. Not all the time you meet someone who can pay much attention to your mistakes and willing to reshape you. That is reality. This does not normally happen online, but it did happen to me and made me very thankful for him. With all the troubles and worries I have caused my boss because of delayed turnaround of works, he is still considering my service for him.

Do you know how to earn someone’s trust even if you haven’t met him/her? The answer is simple. Honesty! Be honest in everything that you do and stay committed with you words. That will develop true friendship and will help you promote any career of your choice.

Have to delay my post about “right posting for your services”. I’ll be writing about it on my next blog.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Earned $250 Last October

October is truly a special month for me. First, I’m a Libran which means that I am very lucky. Second, I earned $250 for the whole month while working few hours online. Yes! I change my working habit. Instead of working day and night like what I did last September where I earned more than $350, I managed to work at most 6 hours a day last October. Quite a small amount, but I am enjoying it since living with that amount in my place is a decent living.

I can’t believe that I was going to earn $250 while taking most of my time having pleasure and being with my family. For the month, I went to three beaches, spent my birth with my family, and did lots of fun and exciting adventures almost every other day.

I was thinking that was going to earn less than that since I changed my working hours. The best part was my regular clients continued sending me projects that I worked during my free hours (not attending to my son’s needs).

This month, I am going to aim for a higher amount and will change a little bit of my working hours. Thanks to God I made it this far.

On my next blog, I am going to share on how to effectively post your services.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Work at Home II – How to Start Your Online Career

As promised, I have here a compilation on how you can start making money online. These are simple task that will earn you decent amount of cash over the Internet while doing something else. Once you have all the necessary things listed in my previous blog, then you’re good to start your online career.

For those bloggers who are still unaware that blogging can make you money, this is your chance. Any blogger can join affiliate programs and advertisements to incorporate links to there blogs for them to earn. A widely used program is Adsense which is provided by Google. You can include Adsense to your blog containing related advertisements and earn an equivalent amount every time visitors click the ads on your site.

You may also add few advertisements like Clickbanks, Bidvertiser, and others on your blog. Here’s a tip, when looking for companies that pay good with their advertisements, visit other blogs and check the advertisements that they have. You will soon have a picture of what to place on your blog. Another way of earning through blogging is the “Paid Blogging”. Site such as PayPerPost (PPP) pays its members for every “approved blog” posted on the member’s site.

PTC sites are interesting however the pay may fall under $0.01 to $0.012 per 30 seconds visit on a member advertisement. is a trusted PTC that pay good to its members. You can register to more PTC sites and start navigating there ads and they’ll pay you.

Now for other online activities that need not to work for any specific site, you can try article writing and web content writing services. Sites such as,, and are three of the most popular sites when looking for these jobs. These sites require you to register and start bidding on open projects. There are plenty of projects posted daily.

If you feel that you do not have any success in bidding projects on these sites, consider posting your services in Mostly, interested visitors of reply in about four to seven days after you have posted. Start earning online now!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Work at Home – What You Need Before Starting

Truly, there are plenty of opportunities for anybody interested to make money online. Before setting a foot to the arena, it is very important to prepare all the things that you might need for your chosen career. I have compiled a list that I am using right now as I do my living online.

Payment Processors

This is the most important element that you will need when working online. You receive and send payments through these services. Two of the most popular payment processors are PayPal and AlertPay. Most online services are paid through these processors. Read carefully the Terms of Service for each site before signing up. I have been using PayPal (Premier) from the start until now.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Local Bank Account

The gathered funds on your payment processors will not stay there forever. You need the money so you have to withdraw it. To do this, you need to have an account with your local bank recognized by both processors mentioned above. The funds coming from your processors will be linked to your local bank account for fund transfers.

Valid Email Address

You will need a valid email address for you to communicate with your clients. Create an email account with Google or Yahoo as these are two of the most widely used free email providers.

Instant Messaging System

Most clients require fast and reliable communication. GTalk from Google and Yahoo Messenger from Yahoo can both handle the task for you. Download and install any of these instant messaging applications. If possible use both IM’s to be flexible with your future clients.

Dedication and Sense of Accomplishment

Lastly, aside from all those elements that you will need for conducting online business, it is strongly recommended to have dedication and sense of accomplishment in everything that you do online. Commitment to a project will carry you to earning decent amount of cash over the Internet.

On my next blog, I will be posting some simple ways on how to start earning online. Just a reminder, all these are based upon my experiences.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Web Hosting Tips- Finding Reliable Web Hosting Companies

The presence of your website to your client is the most important factor in making money online. From portfolios, blogs, personal websites, and other important web based applications needed to present you products or services to your clients, there is a need for reliable hosting company. As a matter of fact, most of us are earning through these websites.

As a webmaster you need to find what is best for your website. How to make it available to visitors at anytime is the most extensive concern. Losing a single minute on your website’s online presence could mean too much. From my experience, I had been very frustrated on a web hosting company who appeared to be good with their marketing strategy, but was actually offering the least service they can provide. Isn’t too frustrating when you’re expecting too much from a company who does not value customer service?

Here are some tips on how to find good web hosting companies who can help you establish your name over the Internet and make money online:

1. Before finding a web host, check what services you need.

Storage space, bandwidth allocation, server-side language supported, types of servers, etc. are just some of the very important things you need to check from a web host. For newly created or personal websites it is recommended to take advantage of starter or standard packages. This will allow you to monitor the traffic of your website in order to anticipate the upgrade that you will need.

2. Check your budget

Web hosting companies normally offer web hosting services at very reasonable rates. Along with these prices are services that you can avail. Look for packages that can cater what you need for your website and compare the prices before purchasing.

3. Types of servers

Choosing the right server is vital to your web hosting needs. Companies present their server information to give confidence to the customer. Make sure to find the latest and most advance server types available. This does not only mean on hardware part, but includes the software side.

4. Technical Support

Anything can go wrong! From uploading to viewing your website there may be some issues that will arise during the process. Check for the company’s technical support availability for assistance. A 24/7 support is highly recommended.

5. Testimonials, Comments, Reviews, and Recommendations

Lastly, it is a best practice to read articles or writings from customers with regard to how that company performs. Take time to read testimonials, comments, reviews and recommendations to have a guide and better assess the company.

After reading this article, you should be able to choose the right web hosting company that will be able cater your web hosting needs.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

8 Things You Need To Know About Blogs

1. Can be your online personal diary

A lot of businesses and professionals are using blogs to update the world with what they are up to and have been to.

2. Can make you money

Yes! That is true, most blogs are earning. Blogs gathering high traffic are most likely earning decent amount daily. From sponsored ads to personal promotion, there is money from it.

3. Can be your community

Like social networking sites, you can create a community from your blogs. Through relevant post you can gather a group of audience who are of the same interest as yours. If your blog is about technology, post blogs related to it and you will surely gather individuals interested with the latest technology.

4. Perfect for affiliate programs

Monetizing your blog is easy. You can use it to join affiliate programs that will surely earn you good money. Clickbank is one of the many programs available for bloggers.

5. Can give you access to your buyers

Some companies are using blogs to post product reviews. These product reviews are accessories for consumers to know more about a certain product and become potential buyers.

6. Blogs are unlimited

As long as it is in conformity with the rules and do not violate any law, you are free to post any blog. You can post personal entry such as how good or bad your day is. Pornography and terrorism are two of the most restricted blog post.

7. Can be your company’s official update site

Instead of hiring expensive web designers to create a website dedicated to a company’s promotion, blogs are perfect alternative. Some blog sites can be created for free. This site is an example.

8. Fun and Easy

Maintaining a blog site is fun and easy. Adding a new entries and checking for the traffic of your site are making it more exciting.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Make Money Online- How Teens Can Earn

A lot of people are earning there living from the Internet. That includes me being a full time freelance article writer. Most organizations offering work online are only applicable for individuals 18 years old and above. But how can we give teenagers below 18 an equal opportunity in earning online? The Internet is a free environment where everybody has a chance.

Here are some ways that teenagers can do to make money online:

1. Paid forum postings. Newly launched forums are in need of people to populate the site in order to gain traffic. Webmasters sometimes pay visitors to post relevant topics to the forum. Most of these sites require knowledge that any teen can acquire from school. Sites including those with themes for technology, art, television shows, music, and others which should be of interest for teens are in demand of regular paid forum posters.

2. Online Surveys. This is a good way for a teen to start earning online. Companies do offer the same rate to everybody regardless of age. Paid online surveys are easy. One is required to make unbiased review of a product and get paid after accumulating certain number of points.

3. Own a Website. During my early days in college, I used to have a domain name for our school project. Wanting to develop my skills in web designing, I decided to create the website and researched on how to earn from it. Advertisements can be added to a website and make a fortune out of it. Most teens of today are very familiar with how HTML works so, creating a website will not a problem for them.

4. Get into Blogs. Similar to having their own website, teens can also register for free blogs and incorporate advertisements to it. Free blogs include bloggers and wordpress. In addition, some webmasters are too busy to post on their blogs. They require people with enough knowledge in blogging to do it for them.

5. Offer Online Tutorials. Providing lessons and tutorials online are good ways for teens to make money online. English lessons, web designing, and programming are among the most sought after lessons over the Internet. English tutorials are in demand in countries like the North and South Korea. They hire instructors from Asian countries with firm grasp in English such as the Philippines. Tutorials can be done through Instant Messaging applications such as Yahoo Messenger (YM) and MSN.

These are just some of the ways that any teenager can do in order to make money online. So, why waste those idle hours doing nothing. Start navigating the Internet and explore numerous ways of how you can earn online.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Make Money Online – ABC’s on How to Earn from the Internet

When we mention about earning online, it does not necessarily mean that we need to invest money. There are a lot of things that we can do to earn few bucks enough for a decent living. These are legitimate ways that will surely give you a good return of investment.

For beginners, it is very important to look for things you know best before getting into the ring. Joining in bogus “make money online” schemes can ruin your entire financial status. As for my experience, I first ventured in making money online without spending anything. It is possible! Some advertisements encourage visitors to invest before being allowed to work with them. That does not work for me. If you need my skills, you pay me to work for you.

The big puzzle that plays on our mind is, “How to make money online”? Thousands of opportunities are there right in front of you. The moment you browse the Internet, you have a chance of earning. Webmasters are in need of reliable people to constantly work on their websites. They need contents that visitors would appreciate and remember. The problem is how do you find these webmasters? My answer to that is simple, post and advertise your writing service. During my early days in doing online works as a freelance article writer, I had all the hardships of finding the right webmaster. It was until I posted my service in that I was able to find my mentor, boss, and friend.

Since then, I honed my writing skills and wrote several articles to promote his website. He pays good that I continued to write for him until now. This worked for me and who knows this might work for you as well.

Just post your service, get to know the flow on how to make money online, and hone your skills. You will definitely earn your dollars the easy way.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Article Submission- What You Should Be Aware Of

An article writer’s job does not end after the article has been submitted to its new owners. The responsibility continues at the hand of the writer until such time that articles are published through its respective new owners. Before buying an article, copyright agreement should be checked.

Article submission is not as easy as sending your article to directories without checking. There are things you need to consider and check prior to submitting your articles. Let us look at some of these in order to set a guide in article submission.

1. Make sure to submit error free articles. Authors of the article directory will be checking every article submitted. If an article does not pass their quality, then it is subject for rewrite or deletion. This is the reason why you should submit error free articles.

2. Author’s name. If you are going to submit an article to multiple directories, make sure to place identical author’s name. Article directories are very strict in implementing this. The purpose is to prevent plagiarism and maintain integrity to the site.

3. Read the guidelines. Prior to submitting your article, please take time to read the guidelines on an article directory. Since they are of different organizations they too have different rules that authors must follow.

4. Be aware of PAID and FREE submission. To earn, some article directories offer paid postings or paid reviews. Paid reviews are done when an author wants his article be put to live the soonest time possible. An order can be created to the authors of the directory to prioritize the checking of the article since it’s paid. On the other hand, free submission can take up to four (4) to ten (10) days before it can be published.

5. Article Category. In submitting articles, make sure that the article falls under the right category. If an article is under a wrong category it will definitely not reach the right audience making it futile in purpose.

6. Choosing the right directory. The most important thing to do in article submission is choosing the right directory to handle your articles. There are lots of directories available today. These directories gather different volumes of readers. To ensure a good investment with the article, make sure to publish it to top article directories. You can easily find these directories by simply searching through the Internet.

These are the most important things you need to consider in submitting an article. Manual submission can take longer than automated submission, but the fruit of it is definitely sweet.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Simple Things You Can Do at Home to Earn

The moment we hear the word “Online”, only one thing comes to mind, the Internet. With the vast growing numbers of computers connected to the Internet today, money making online is very simple. Equipped with a computer, Internet connection, and the idea of getting the job done, anyone can venture the world of making money online. Why work away from home, when we can sit and enjoy working at our most convenient time. Here are some useful tips in getting the work started:

Creative Writing

The easiest and most effective way to make money online is writing articles and related informational related contents. Internet users use the Internet either for research, work or entertainment purposes. Providing relevant information on a certain topic will earn you money. Website owners and other individuals need articles to feed information to their viewers. They require original works and will pay right for a good written article. Research on a certain topic is the only investment that you need. A good article writer can earn $200 to $2,500 a month.

Website and Software Design

With the introduction of the World Wide Web, website designing becomes easy and fun. Designing a website can earn you $500 to $5,000 a month. Most applications running on the Internet today are website driven. People are interested in owning websites for promotion and personal references. Businesses also hire individuals to design and create a website that can represent the company through the Internet. In addition to website designing, software design is also in demand. Server side applications are now attracting website owners because their security and flexibility. To start designing a website, one must know the basics of Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML). Knowledge in server side application scripting like PHP and ASP is an advantage.

Unique and Creative Application

After designing websites and software for others, you may want to decide in creating your own unique and create application. Viewers are interested in seeing different applications every time they browse the Internet. is a pioneer in video sharing application. After months of from its debut, viewers were captivated with the features which started to create huge traffic for the site. With the success, giant search engine mogul, decided to buy the website for $2.2 billion making it one of the most expensive website. This could be an inspiration to you.

On the other, there is also money making for personal websites. You can add advertisements to your website and get paid. is offering advertisements to be imbedded on your website and get a point for every visit to the link which is in turn will converted into cash.

Bidding and Auction

The fastest way to get the right person to a job or sale an item is to publish it on the Internet. Another way to make money online is to search for websites that offer bidding and auction on certain services or item. is a good example. If you have items or services that you want others to know, you can just register to these sites and start publish your services. This is an easy way to have your service or product promoted, but you also need patience and a good a marketing skill to sell.

To make money online, people don’t have to see or know you. All you need is for them to trust you and get the job done. To start earning, what you need are a trusted user, a valid email account, fund transfer account, a bank account and a lot of research and reading.

Writing an Ezine Friendly Article is for a fact the most popular article directory over the Internet today. Search an Ezine author in Google and you’ll find the name on the number one (1) position through This is the benefit of being a member of a prestigious organization. Becoming a member is not a problem. What you need are reader and ezine friendly articles. Here are some tips on how to make your articles approved by their authors.

1. Provide original articles. Rule number one, “Do not plagiarize other peoples work”. Make your own unique article by using your own idea and knowledge. You can give plenty of information to your readers once you are knowledgeable with the topic. If you’re good in technical stuff, write articles that will serve as guides for others. Once proved that the content of your article is being published through a different author, your account will immediately be suspended. Believe me!

2. Avoid grammatical and spelling errors. To protect the integrity of the organization, ezine authors thoroughly examine every article submitted. Newly submitted articles are subject for spelling and grammar checks. So before submitting an article, make sure that it is reviewed twice. Submitting an article may take up 10 days before it can be marked as “Live”. You cannot afford to wait for ten days and will be asked to rewrite your article due to errors. You’ll spend another few days waiting for your article to be approved.

3. Do not overuse keywords. The heart of an article is the keyword. This is what readers will be using in searching for articles. However, too many keywords on an article can ruin the ultimate purpose. Recommended keyword percentage on an article should be 1% - 4% percent. If you have an article of 300 words, then keywords should appear only 3-4 times.

4. Do not incorporate affiliate programs on your article. Ezinearticles is very strict in implementing this. Articles submitted should not contain any link to affiliate program, instead an author can simply include in the resource box a link to his or her website for readers to check for the affiliate programs.

5. Read and Read the Author’s Guidelines. Before submitting any article, read the Author’s Guidelines and be sure to comprehend. You might be wondering why your articles were submitted through different mediums such as emails and rss feeds. These are part of the agreement you checked prior to submitting an article. One can also find answers to questions be reading the FAQ pages.

There is no absolute replacement for the knowledge we obtain. Reading can help a lot so we must continue to read. Taking a few minutes reading the guidelines can guarantee us a wonderful career at

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Earn By Clicking

Paid-To-Click (PTC) sites are very popular today. These sites require members to click or visit on member advertisements while getting paid for doing so. Registration is free and update of earnings is easy. This is the reason why people wanting extra earning, but have busy schedules prefer to become members of these sites. They can do the job anytime of the day.

There are numerous sites that pay good. Sites including and are two of the most popular PTC sites. They offer new members with at least $0.010 per click on an advertisement for 30 seconds. Not bad for someone occupying those idle hours. The job is simple. Register and become a member then start clicking and earn.

I have personally joined one of these sites and find it interesting. After browsing the Internet for work, I find time to check my account and start clicking on member advertisements. Just about after 30 seconds of opening the ads your account will instantly be updated with the credit for the click.

The add flavor to it, you can refer you friends to become members of these sites. Having a referral entitles you to earn as they earn. Every time your referral clicks an advertisement you will get incentives for it. Not bad. Take for example having 20 referrals and each will have 10 clicks a day. That’s $2 dollars for you without doing the hard work.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Articles for Cash

Do you ever wonder how to make money out of your skills? There have been so many achievers on different arenas and anyone has a chance to join them. First of all, what you need is hone your skills. Skill is not shared and what you have is only for you. Others may be able to do similar things, but you have your own unique way of doing it. What I want to emphasize is that with you writing or web designing skills you can earn dollars good enough for a decent living.

Article writing has been my job since quitting my work as a call center representative. I was earning good that time, enough for me to have an average extravagant lifestyle, but I quit for personal reasons. I decided to write articles and offer my services to some folks which made me some cash for a decent living. Now I am sharing this to all to give a spark of inspiration that skills if honed is money.

There are several ways to earn money using your skills. If you are good in web designing, then offer your service to those who are in need. There are plenty of companies outsourcing their works to foreign lands with talented individuals. They pay well and I tell you they pay appropriately. If you do well with their projects you’ll receive the right pay and some even give bonuses. Not bad for someone doing web designing job to occupy those idle hours.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Earning through Affiliate Marketing

Most of us are benefiting from others achievement. The Internet is a product all the hard works of the past and we are greatly enjoying it. How about adding more life to it by earning while enjoying? Yes, this is possible. With affiliate marketing you don’t need to worry if the company runs out of stock or if their employees are not paid. All you need to do is bring visitors to their website and possibly make sales for them. You’ll get your share and they get their promotion or sale. Companies can offer great rewards up to $500 per month.

What do you need to do in order to take advantage of it? Rules are simple. You don’t have to invest millions of dollars to get started. Simply get acquainted with the Internet, the tools, and a little bit knowledge about handling your own business. Affiliate marketing is not a new system, but a transformed system using online resources. To get started with affiliate marketing, here is a check list of what you will need.

Here is a list covering what we need to start with our endeavor:

1. Build and maintain a website. The most important factor in affiliate marketing is the website. Your website is going to be the source of your income and the source of your provider’s promotion. Get a good domain name that can easily be remembered and design a good website. Less images with more relevant contents the better.

2. Choose an affiliate program that will reflect your website. In choosing an affiliate program, choose what’s best for your website. Most common affiliate programs available are web hosting companies. You can inquiry for your own web hosting company if they offer such program. You will be helping in promoting the web host at the same time reviewing the web host.

3. Good Networking. To be able to enhance your website’s marketing, you need to have a good network. Join social networking sites and introduce your website there. This will help you gather the right group of people fitted for your affiliate program. If your website is about free hosting, then join forums about web hosting.

4. Appropriate promotion. Advertise your website as much as possible. Great amount of traffic for a website means, great chances of selling a product. Promoting your website through search engine optimization (SEO) will gather more traffic to your website.

5. Constant Update. This is the most important factor. This relates on both your provider’s end and your end. For your end, update the content of your website giving reasons for visitors to visit your website again. For the providers end, be updated with the latest rules and regulation from your affiliate program provider.

6. Monitor your ads. Some webmasters tend to neglect this, but this is how you can maximize your profit. Monitor the ads that are getting much visitor attention. Look for ads that have the most attention and ask for similar ads from your provider. If they can offer it to you, then your chances of earning are doubled since visitors are interested with what you are promoting.

These are just simple tips in starting your own affiliate marketing strategy, but once done correctly you’ll be amaze at how money comes to you easily. Let this be your guide and enjoy great earnings.

Saturday, September 20, 2008