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Friday, March 26, 2010

Back Online!

After a long vacation from my regular online presence, I have decided to once again harness the fruits brought by the internet. Armed with new strategies and ideas, going back online is certainly not a problem. Though, there were times that I have made myself incompetent with the projects I accept, I have finally decided to do things better this time. I hope this come back is going to be great!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Zenni Optical: Eyecare at its Best

Working for hours in front of a computer can totally bring us to the ground. For most of the times we feel exhausted and inevitably experience the most treacherous foe of working hard, over fatigue. But believe me, these conditins are just contributors to the overall stress we feel in our body. Every time we center our eyeballs to the computer screen, there is an absolute effect to our eyesight. Thus, we need to protect it and the best protection we can get is a pair of good quality eye glasses.
Although it’s fit for someone who works on a computer to wear glasses, the prices of these eye wears are horrifying forcing us to set it aside. If you visit a local eye wear store, you’ll never miss glasses that go beyond $100 which is too expensive for many of us.
However, not all glasses are made expensive. Zenni Optical, The #1 online Rx glasses store, breaks the fear brought by expensive eye wears by bringing affordable yet world class quality glasses. They offer the lowest price progressive glasses for as low as $29.95. Now, these $29.95 glasses are normally sold triple if not over priced by other stores. Zenni Optical also offers other types of glasses at prices that will surely take you away. Bi-focal, progressive, and premium photochromic are just some of their products which are also sold at very affordable and convenient prices. Who says paying $25 for a pair of bi-focal glasses is impossible? Eric's review of Zenni Optical will absolutely amaze you and change your views on eye wears.