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Sunday, May 24, 2009

3 Best Places to Travel in Asia

Asia has been recognized all throughout the world as the continent that houses heaps of marvelous beaches and rich cultural heritage. In fact, many Western travelers find several countries in Asia as their haven and perfect places to relax their body from a whole year round of tiring activities. What we have here are top Asian destinations that you and your family will definitely love.


The country of Thailand receives millions of tourist visits every year. Despite some troubles affecting its current government, visitors and travelers are not affected with it since all they want is to have a place to relax and enjoy a perfect holiday. Spots like Phuket and Bangkok are two of the most visited regions in Thailand that boast their rich and crystal clear beaches.


People most associate Indonesia with the devastating tsunami that hit the country and few of its neighbors in 2004. But honestly, Indonesia is more than what we think it is. The country prides hundreds of world renowned tourist destinations such as beaches, live museums, and magnificent scenic beauty.

The towering temples and grand pagodas in the country are among the most popular destinations in Indonesia that continue to receive millions of visitor each year. Travelers, historians, and other visitors never miss to take photographs of these places during their visit.

Adding to that heritage are the enticing beaches populating the country. Bali in particular is a world class destination where pristine beaches are abundant. Hollywood movie stars often spend their vacation here and many newly webs are also taking pleasure in the island.


Dubbed as the Pearl of the Orient, Philippines dearly proved that glory by showcasing tons of tourist attractions present in the archipelago. The country is not just home to luxurious beach clubs such as those built in Boracay, but also to compassionate and loving citizens. The country is also a sanctuary of several endangered species as the spotted dear.

For tourists who love to go by the beach, the country can provide many places to spend a fabulous vacation. Aside from Aklan where the famous Boracay can be found, places like Negros, Panay, Apo, and Palawan are also good places to spend a beach holiday.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Deepest Apologies

I have been very busy lately and was not able to focus on writing for my blog. During my earlier post, I promised to provide hints on how to detect and avoid scammers who use the internet as their medium. My deepest apologies to my readers, but I have to cancel that for a while and focus with my work for now. But I will be posting that soon.

On the other hand, since I was once a victim of scammers I decided to create a free blogger blog to post some of my written contents. Most of the articles are from clients who did not pay me for the job and some are articles I wrote to occupy some idle hours. You can check it at I hope you enjoy reading some of the articles I wrote which have gone through advance proofreading.

Anyways, enjoy blogging and keep me posted on what’s new. For my old time visitors, I hope you are going to support my new blog as what you did with this. I also have another blog, but this one is hosted through my own web hosting account. It is a travel niche that plainly covers wonderful tourist destinations. You can access the site or better yet join the forum at, and help keep the community alive. Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Say Hello to Totally Unique Gift Ideas

The task of finding lasting presents can be heavy and boring if you are not good at it. If you are lucky, you will find what you need in a glimpse. But if not you have to move from store to store just to find the kind of gift that you think is suitable for your recipient.

To make that task more enjoyable and convenient, why not drop by some online stores and check out some interesting items. You may find what you need there without leaving the convenience of your own home. Here are three totally unique gift ideas you can choose as presents for any occasion.

Monogrammed towel wrap is top on our list. These items come in various colors and designs, and tailored to fit as presents for male or female recipients. Sizes of these items come for adults and kids. Isn’t it wonderful?

Next in line are personalized nap mats. Perfect presents for travelers who need to take a little nap during a trip. Just roll the mat on a flat area and everything is set for a good rest.

And lastly, a colorful set of personalized placemat for kids and young at hearts. Children will definitely enjoy eating their meals when they have their plates positioned on top of colorful placemats. These items come in various designs and colors to choose from.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Earned a Few Hundreds Last Month

Last month was a bit challenging for me in connection with my online career. I had to deal with a lot of issues that arouse as a result of asking aid from a close friend, and had to change few strategies in order to remain in business. But despite those issues, I was still able to earn my self decent cash for my family and me.

With my last month’s earnings, I was able to purchase a LG KP199 mobile phone which until now I struggle to connect to the Internet. The phone may be cheap, but the reward it brought me was priceless. I now have another proof for myself and my friends that if you stay focused with your job and do the things you must do, then there is a sure reward to it.

This month, I am hoping to earn more than the usual. I’m planning to double my monthly earnings which is usually ¼ of what others doing online job earn. One way to could achieve that is by constantly studying the aspects of how to make money online. There is no greater asset than the knowledge that you have.

My online secret when working for my clients is to love what you are doing. Do not ever think about the money because if you do, the value of your output will be gone so as your money. But above all, do not forget to appreciate the Lord for all the blessings that you get and thank Him for what is to come.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Creative Gift Ideas for a Friend

Often times we have confused ourselves as to what presents should we give our best friend or anybody so dear to us. We want simple gift ideas that can define the meaning of friendship, but these things are sometimes too hard to be found. But thanks to some dedicated online stores we are given few options to choose from when planning for unique presents.

How would you like to give a coffee sleeve? Coffee sleeves are designed to absorb the heat from the coffee cups to prevent the hands from getting burned. Giving this as a present is totally a wonderful and creative idea that recipients will definitely love.

How about personalized luggage wraps or a creative keepsake school year book? These are two more interesting items that can be used as presents. Names or special prints can be applied on these items in order to make it more personalized and artistic. Isn’t it lovely?

So, when you are planning to find a present for your best friend or officemate, always think of imaginative and unique ideas. Why bother yourself with common presents when you can pick lovely unique gift items.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Coffee Break after a Long Hours Work

While doing online works in order to earn for a decent living, there is always a time when we need to take a break and enjoy the good side of life. One way to escape from the troubles of work is enjoying a good coffee break. This is the easiest way that every worker can lure himself away from the stress of working.

To enjoy coffee a little better, isn’t wonderful if you do not feel the heat touching your hands? I have been dealing with that problem for a long time until one day I stumbled on a site offering coffee sleeves. I then wondered how a simple coffee sleeve can change your coffee experience.

Coffee cup sleeves are simple piece of materials that are wrapped around coffee cups to object the heat absorb by the cup from escaping. If heat is blocked from the outside then touching the cup will prevent your hands from getting burned. Now you can enjoy a good coffee break with a protected coffee cup.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Beware it’s A Scam?

Despite the promise of earning big through today’s most versatile medium, the Internet, we cannot deny the fact that there are individuals who are still looking for some quick cash the wrong way. These are scammers and personally, you don’t want to meet them. You can be with a drunk, but not with a scammer.

As I gradually mature with my online business, I have faced dozens of problems in dealing with persons who are taking your resources without giving you a piece of what you deserve. They hire you to do something and promise a decent payment for it. But unfortunately this does not happen all the time. You accomplish a complex task and deliver your product to your client, but when you ask for the promised payment, boom there goes the plain. They left you with nothing and bring along with them your work.

Most scammers I met where from Craigslist. When using the site, you are actually on your own. You have to deal with the other party personally and make a deal with them without the involvement of the site’s administration. Thus if both of you reach an agreement that you will be paid for that work and never receive it in the end, Craigslist administration will hold no responsibility for it. The only disadvantage I can see with the site at the moment.

But not all internet users are scammers. There is a wider percentage of good clients who are willing to pay you every cent you deserve as long as you provide them with what they need. These are the type of people whom you want to meet and work with all your heart.

On my next post, I will be writing some about how to determine scammers and how to avoid them. This should be beneficial for those who are trying to deal with these scammers.

Earn a Good Living in Medicine

I have been hearing the name “St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants” for quite a long time, so I decided to do a little research about what it really offers. To my surprise, I was greeted with a website of the medical institution containing information on the type of education they offer for those who aspires to become Medical Assistant professionals.

The site was pretty impressive, but what convinced me most was what was contained within the site. It immediately cleared the clouds in my mind about how an ordinary individual can transform his or her status in life by becoming an advocate of medicine. I was able to formulate a thought that earning good for your family to have a decent living is also possible if you have a good background in medicine.

In addition to my research, I found out that the institution has been providing solid education to millions of today’s medical assistants deployed in different regions of America. These individuals have been very thankful to the institution for providing them what they need in order to grow not just socially but intellectually.

Today, with the current economic turmoil that hit most industries in different countries, the field of medicine is known to withstand the effects of the crisis leaving a badge as one of the recession proof professions. So, if you want to make a secured living, start it right by enrolling to a medical institution and replete yourself with the knowledge to become competitive in the field.