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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How to Write Articles for Your Clients

Article writing is like any other job. You need to focus on what you write and provide the best possible output for your client’s satisfaction. Clients are more than willing to provide writers extra work as long as there is commitment to the work. What I have here are few tips on how to make the best out of writing.

Never Provide a Plagiarized Article

Basic rule is. You are paid to write fresh content for someone and not copy someone’s work. Providing plagiarized work to your client will ruin your reputation and possibly end up your career as a writer. You do not want to pay someone who does not provide you with what you need, right?

Research about the Topic

The only way to produce a good article is by providing your clients with a well researched article. This is not hard to do since the Internet itself is home to millions of available resources.

Do What Your Clients Require

The purpose why you write is because you are told to do so by your client. And so, it is just necessary to follow their orders. Stuff the content with the keywords provided by your client and determine the density required for the keywords. Most likely articles with 1%-3% keyword density are appropriate.

Interact with Your Client

To best follow what your clients need, it is very important to have a good communication. Do not hesitate to ask questions to your clients to clarify things. It is better to do measures ahead of time that do a rewrite in the end.

Lastly, Thank Your Client for the Work

A simple “Thank You” can mean a lot. Express your appreciation to your client for entrusting his/her needs. There are thousands of interested writers out there, but you are chosen by your client for the work. It is just right to give a simple appreciation for it.

Enjoy your work! Happy Earnings!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How to Start an Article Writing Gig

Article writing is similar to anything that we do in order to earn money. You need to exert effort and prepare things needed before starting. As Eastern writers, there is so much to prepare to become competitive with writers all over the world. There are a lot of Asian writers joining thousands of online earners and most of us are enjoying it.

To start an article writing gig, one must be knowledgeable in English and must know the basic rules in English writing. When I started my writing gig, I struggled from the start but gradually I was able to learn through experience and study. For Asian writers where English is not our first language, we may encounter some issues in writing articles. Through constant study and reading one will be able to learn the basics to the advance levels in writing.

Writing is fun and challenging. You can encounter difficult topics that need special attention and topics that will interest you most. Learning, earning, and enjoying are three things I love in writing. I get to know more about things through it and earn a living out of it. It’s like being back in college.

Once confident that you will be able to write good articles, the first way that will definitely give you attention is by providing free articles to people whom you may consider as your future clients. They will judge your type of writing and if they will be interested then consider yourself a new client. This is what others do to start a writing career.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

In Time for the Season

Holiday season is up again. We need extra cash for presents and other holiday expenditures. It is also time for bonuses and extra awards for a very well done job the whole year round. Though we have our bonuses, we still need extra cash for the coming year.

Doing extra work online will earn you few dollars that you can use for this holiday and make few saving for next year. This is the perfect time to great the holiday season. There are plenty of things to do online and to spend those idles hours. So gear up and start thinking of ways you can do online that will make you extra bucks for Christmas.

I’m planning to visit few places in my country so, I need to earn extra amount for it. I’ll be looking for more work this month and focus on earning extra money for our trip. I will also be changing few things with my work to achieve what I want for Christmas. Wish me good luck for this month.

Also, I have created a new blog related to different travel destinations all over the world. You can visit that at and enjoy your trip.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Why Should I Work Online?

The process of outsourcing article needs is commonly practiced today. It is the most practical and economical way of achieving marketing strategies through articles. Outsourcing articles is economical in the sense that writers are not part of any other contract with the company or individual hosting the project except for the agreed completion and payment of the articles. But not all the way it is effective. Everything can turn around if projects are outsourced to the wrong people.

Freelancing jobs have mushroomed and almost everybody is aware of the promises of good finances brought by doing work off regular office hours. Everyone wants to take his/her share of the ease of earning while working online. Yes, this is good however as a service provider one must also consider the quality of work delivered. There may be times when things do not turn the way as expected, but as a service provider you must do your part.

Commitment to the work and determination will bear good fruits. The opposite will definitely not get anything good unless straighten out. If one is serious about earning online then there must be time allocated for job orders to be completed and not just give any words of completing a task, but then leaving clients behind.

There have been many times when working online seems to be hard for me. But because of my interest in doing online work so I manage to overcome obstacles and continue working for my clients. Working online is simple when one is determined for it.