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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How to Start an Article Writing Gig

Article writing is similar to anything that we do in order to earn money. You need to exert effort and prepare things needed before starting. As Eastern writers, there is so much to prepare to become competitive with writers all over the world. There are a lot of Asian writers joining thousands of online earners and most of us are enjoying it.

To start an article writing gig, one must be knowledgeable in English and must know the basic rules in English writing. When I started my writing gig, I struggled from the start but gradually I was able to learn through experience and study. For Asian writers where English is not our first language, we may encounter some issues in writing articles. Through constant study and reading one will be able to learn the basics to the advance levels in writing.

Writing is fun and challenging. You can encounter difficult topics that need special attention and topics that will interest you most. Learning, earning, and enjoying are three things I love in writing. I get to know more about things through it and earn a living out of it. It’s like being back in college.

Once confident that you will be able to write good articles, the first way that will definitely give you attention is by providing free articles to people whom you may consider as your future clients. They will judge your type of writing and if they will be interested then consider yourself a new client. This is what others do to start a writing career.

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