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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Writing Articles for Ezines Submission

Writing articles is always challenging considering the number of factors you have to address. A writer must maintain the appropriate keyword density, has to mix keywords even if they sound impossible to formulate, and above all, there are directories and search engines to tame. Losing on any of these factors may lead your article to your recycle bin.

Let us consider how experts are able to write hundreds and even thousands of articles that they have submitted on article directories such as Ezinearticles, Articledashboard, and other directories that are bound to bring traffic to a website. A small secret to tell, once you have plenty of articles submitted to a single directory, you can actually earn lots of cash from that guaranteed that your future articles will be approved.

The first rule in writing is “Avoid plagiarism”. Do you know how serious that rule is? Article directories are concerned with the originality of a work. Once an article is proven a plagiarized copy, your account to that directory will immediately be banned and any future submission will be cancelled. Even PLR articles are no excuse to that. So, as a practice, never dare to copy anybody’s work. Create your own work by doing extensive research if necessary. To protect your interest, have your work pass CopyScape, an online application used for checking plagiarism.

Another thing that you need to learn when writing an article for Ezines is not to overuse keywords. A 500 word articles may not contain more the 7 or 8 instances of a keyword to be safe. Keywords are necessary for your article to help search engine weigh the relevancy of it. But for article directories, too much keyword will spoil the whole meaning of the article. Thus, it is just appropriate to follow the required keyword density.

We are all aware that articles published for public consumption must be free from errors particularly in grammar and spelling. The same must be practiced when writing articles for directories. Articles that contain errors including punctuations seldom are approved by editors of these directories.

For affiliate marketing, some directories like EzineArticles restrict the inclusion of link directing to affiliate programs from the body and resource box of an article. This should be avoided for a smooth approval and submission of an article. It there is a need to include a certain link to a different website, it is recommended to direct it to the homepage.

These are just the basic things that writers especially novice can use as a reference when writing articles that need to be submission to Ezines. Writing is fun and easy once you know where to start.

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