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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Finally Writing on my Acer Aspire One

After I bought my laptop, I decided to start getting my investment back, and to do that I have to start writing articles for my clients using it. Everything is going smoothly. I can perform an average of 48WPM despite its tiny keyboard and can finish articles instantly.

The best thing about writing on my netbook is tranquility. Yes, there may be of no relationship between a netbook and tranquility, but I find it very important to acquire both before being able to write something good. Working with my desktop is no big deal. I have done tons of writing with it and will continue to do so. But inevitably there are times when I encounter a writer's block.

A writer's block is something that you have to deal with psychologically in order to move on with your writing. It's like an empty glass that you need to fill with water, but you can't do anything even with the abundance of it. It's the emptiness in writing.

Now going back to tranquility and my netbook. Once a writer's block occurs to me, I would just grab my laptop and go somewhere quite and regain my focus to my writing. By this I am able to write continuously and smoothly since my concentration is again back to writing a specific piece. Without my laptop I would have to wait for a certain period before regaining my focus to my writing back.

I am very thankful with my new laptop despite having reformatted its operating system to a different environment to synchronize with my desktop; Lipnus to Windows. I know that I will be able to get a good return of investment with this.

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