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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Staying Fit While Working Online

Honestly, our main concern when earning online is how to make money. This is definitely true and I have noticed it myself. Because of our interest to earn more, we tend to put pressure to ourselves by working beyond our limits. We work late at night in order to meet deadlines and even work on holidays. This is not bad if seldom done, but if it becomes a regular habit then a big risk to our health is about to come.

In order to enjoy your hard earn money, why not set a schedule with your work. Instead of working for more than 10 hours a day in the comfort of your home, limit it to 8-10 and take time to rest. Money cannot substitute a good health. Also, a little rest from your daily routine can bring a huge difference in your body and will gradually improve your health.

To stay fit, eat and exercise regularly. Doing some calisthenics can regain your body’s strength and improve your stamina. Combining exercise with proper diet and a good meal can also help you maintain a good health and do more work without feeling the effects of stress.

I have been a slave with my online career and have experienced being bitten by the pressure of work. I have learned my lessons very well and will never be again doing the same mistake. From now on, start caring about your health and reap a good harvest when you grow old.

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