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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Earned a Few Hundreds Last Month

Last month was a bit challenging for me in connection with my online career. I had to deal with a lot of issues that arouse as a result of asking aid from a close friend, and had to change few strategies in order to remain in business. But despite those issues, I was still able to earn my self decent cash for my family and me.

With my last month’s earnings, I was able to purchase a LG KP199 mobile phone which until now I struggle to connect to the Internet. The phone may be cheap, but the reward it brought me was priceless. I now have another proof for myself and my friends that if you stay focused with your job and do the things you must do, then there is a sure reward to it.

This month, I am hoping to earn more than the usual. I’m planning to double my monthly earnings which is usually ¼ of what others doing online job earn. One way to could achieve that is by constantly studying the aspects of how to make money online. There is no greater asset than the knowledge that you have.

My online secret when working for my clients is to love what you are doing. Do not ever think about the money because if you do, the value of your output will be gone so as your money. But above all, do not forget to appreciate the Lord for all the blessings that you get and thank Him for what is to come.

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