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Monday, May 4, 2009

Beware it’s A Scam?

Despite the promise of earning big through today’s most versatile medium, the Internet, we cannot deny the fact that there are individuals who are still looking for some quick cash the wrong way. These are scammers and personally, you don’t want to meet them. You can be with a drunk, but not with a scammer.

As I gradually mature with my online business, I have faced dozens of problems in dealing with persons who are taking your resources without giving you a piece of what you deserve. They hire you to do something and promise a decent payment for it. But unfortunately this does not happen all the time. You accomplish a complex task and deliver your product to your client, but when you ask for the promised payment, boom there goes the plain. They left you with nothing and bring along with them your work.

Most scammers I met where from Craigslist. When using the site, you are actually on your own. You have to deal with the other party personally and make a deal with them without the involvement of the site’s administration. Thus if both of you reach an agreement that you will be paid for that work and never receive it in the end, Craigslist administration will hold no responsibility for it. The only disadvantage I can see with the site at the moment.

But not all internet users are scammers. There is a wider percentage of good clients who are willing to pay you every cent you deserve as long as you provide them with what they need. These are the type of people whom you want to meet and work with all your heart.

On my next post, I will be writing some about how to determine scammers and how to avoid them. This should be beneficial for those who are trying to deal with these scammers.

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