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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Article Submission- What You Should Be Aware Of

An article writer’s job does not end after the article has been submitted to its new owners. The responsibility continues at the hand of the writer until such time that articles are published through its respective new owners. Before buying an article, copyright agreement should be checked.

Article submission is not as easy as sending your article to directories without checking. There are things you need to consider and check prior to submitting your articles. Let us look at some of these in order to set a guide in article submission.

1. Make sure to submit error free articles. Authors of the article directory will be checking every article submitted. If an article does not pass their quality, then it is subject for rewrite or deletion. This is the reason why you should submit error free articles.

2. Author’s name. If you are going to submit an article to multiple directories, make sure to place identical author’s name. Article directories are very strict in implementing this. The purpose is to prevent plagiarism and maintain integrity to the site.

3. Read the guidelines. Prior to submitting your article, please take time to read the guidelines on an article directory. Since they are of different organizations they too have different rules that authors must follow.

4. Be aware of PAID and FREE submission. To earn, some article directories offer paid postings or paid reviews. Paid reviews are done when an author wants his article be put to live the soonest time possible. An order can be created to the authors of the directory to prioritize the checking of the article since it’s paid. On the other hand, free submission can take up to four (4) to ten (10) days before it can be published.

5. Article Category. In submitting articles, make sure that the article falls under the right category. If an article is under a wrong category it will definitely not reach the right audience making it futile in purpose.

6. Choosing the right directory. The most important thing to do in article submission is choosing the right directory to handle your articles. There are lots of directories available today. These directories gather different volumes of readers. To ensure a good investment with the article, make sure to publish it to top article directories. You can easily find these directories by simply searching through the Internet.

These are the most important things you need to consider in submitting an article. Manual submission can take longer than automated submission, but the fruit of it is definitely sweet.


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