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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Make Money Online- How Teens Can Earn

A lot of people are earning there living from the Internet. That includes me being a full time freelance article writer. Most organizations offering work online are only applicable for individuals 18 years old and above. But how can we give teenagers below 18 an equal opportunity in earning online? The Internet is a free environment where everybody has a chance.

Here are some ways that teenagers can do to make money online:

1. Paid forum postings. Newly launched forums are in need of people to populate the site in order to gain traffic. Webmasters sometimes pay visitors to post relevant topics to the forum. Most of these sites require knowledge that any teen can acquire from school. Sites including those with themes for technology, art, television shows, music, and others which should be of interest for teens are in demand of regular paid forum posters.

2. Online Surveys. This is a good way for a teen to start earning online. Companies do offer the same rate to everybody regardless of age. Paid online surveys are easy. One is required to make unbiased review of a product and get paid after accumulating certain number of points.

3. Own a Website. During my early days in college, I used to have a domain name for our school project. Wanting to develop my skills in web designing, I decided to create the website and researched on how to earn from it. Advertisements can be added to a website and make a fortune out of it. Most teens of today are very familiar with how HTML works so, creating a website will not a problem for them.

4. Get into Blogs. Similar to having their own website, teens can also register for free blogs and incorporate advertisements to it. Free blogs include bloggers and wordpress. In addition, some webmasters are too busy to post on their blogs. They require people with enough knowledge in blogging to do it for them.

5. Offer Online Tutorials. Providing lessons and tutorials online are good ways for teens to make money online. English lessons, web designing, and programming are among the most sought after lessons over the Internet. English tutorials are in demand in countries like the North and South Korea. They hire instructors from Asian countries with firm grasp in English such as the Philippines. Tutorials can be done through Instant Messaging applications such as Yahoo Messenger (YM) and MSN.

These are just some of the ways that any teenager can do in order to make money online. So, why waste those idle hours doing nothing. Start navigating the Internet and explore numerous ways of how you can earn online.

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