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Friday, October 3, 2008

Writing an Ezine Friendly Article is for a fact the most popular article directory over the Internet today. Search an Ezine author in Google and you’ll find the name on the number one (1) position through This is the benefit of being a member of a prestigious organization. Becoming a member is not a problem. What you need are reader and ezine friendly articles. Here are some tips on how to make your articles approved by their authors.

1. Provide original articles. Rule number one, “Do not plagiarize other peoples work”. Make your own unique article by using your own idea and knowledge. You can give plenty of information to your readers once you are knowledgeable with the topic. If you’re good in technical stuff, write articles that will serve as guides for others. Once proved that the content of your article is being published through a different author, your account will immediately be suspended. Believe me!

2. Avoid grammatical and spelling errors. To protect the integrity of the organization, ezine authors thoroughly examine every article submitted. Newly submitted articles are subject for spelling and grammar checks. So before submitting an article, make sure that it is reviewed twice. Submitting an article may take up 10 days before it can be marked as “Live”. You cannot afford to wait for ten days and will be asked to rewrite your article due to errors. You’ll spend another few days waiting for your article to be approved.

3. Do not overuse keywords. The heart of an article is the keyword. This is what readers will be using in searching for articles. However, too many keywords on an article can ruin the ultimate purpose. Recommended keyword percentage on an article should be 1% - 4% percent. If you have an article of 300 words, then keywords should appear only 3-4 times.

4. Do not incorporate affiliate programs on your article. Ezinearticles is very strict in implementing this. Articles submitted should not contain any link to affiliate program, instead an author can simply include in the resource box a link to his or her website for readers to check for the affiliate programs.

5. Read and Read the Author’s Guidelines. Before submitting any article, read the Author’s Guidelines and be sure to comprehend. You might be wondering why your articles were submitted through different mediums such as emails and rss feeds. These are part of the agreement you checked prior to submitting an article. One can also find answers to questions be reading the FAQ pages.

There is no absolute replacement for the knowledge we obtain. Reading can help a lot so we must continue to read. Taking a few minutes reading the guidelines can guarantee us a wonderful career at

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