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Friday, October 24, 2008

Work at Home – What You Need Before Starting

Truly, there are plenty of opportunities for anybody interested to make money online. Before setting a foot to the arena, it is very important to prepare all the things that you might need for your chosen career. I have compiled a list that I am using right now as I do my living online.

Payment Processors

This is the most important element that you will need when working online. You receive and send payments through these services. Two of the most popular payment processors are PayPal and AlertPay. Most online services are paid through these processors. Read carefully the Terms of Service for each site before signing up. I have been using PayPal (Premier) from the start until now.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Local Bank Account

The gathered funds on your payment processors will not stay there forever. You need the money so you have to withdraw it. To do this, you need to have an account with your local bank recognized by both processors mentioned above. The funds coming from your processors will be linked to your local bank account for fund transfers.

Valid Email Address

You will need a valid email address for you to communicate with your clients. Create an email account with Google or Yahoo as these are two of the most widely used free email providers.

Instant Messaging System

Most clients require fast and reliable communication. GTalk from Google and Yahoo Messenger from Yahoo can both handle the task for you. Download and install any of these instant messaging applications. If possible use both IM’s to be flexible with your future clients.

Dedication and Sense of Accomplishment

Lastly, aside from all those elements that you will need for conducting online business, it is strongly recommended to have dedication and sense of accomplishment in everything that you do online. Commitment to a project will carry you to earning decent amount of cash over the Internet.

On my next blog, I will be posting some simple ways on how to start earning online. Just a reminder, all these are based upon my experiences.


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