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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Earn By Clicking

Paid-To-Click (PTC) sites are very popular today. These sites require members to click or visit on member advertisements while getting paid for doing so. Registration is free and update of earnings is easy. This is the reason why people wanting extra earning, but have busy schedules prefer to become members of these sites. They can do the job anytime of the day.

There are numerous sites that pay good. Sites including and are two of the most popular PTC sites. They offer new members with at least $0.010 per click on an advertisement for 30 seconds. Not bad for someone occupying those idle hours. The job is simple. Register and become a member then start clicking and earn.

I have personally joined one of these sites and find it interesting. After browsing the Internet for work, I find time to check my account and start clicking on member advertisements. Just about after 30 seconds of opening the ads your account will instantly be updated with the credit for the click.

The add flavor to it, you can refer you friends to become members of these sites. Having a referral entitles you to earn as they earn. Every time your referral clicks an advertisement you will get incentives for it. Not bad. Take for example having 20 referrals and each will have 10 clicks a day. That’s $2 dollars for you without doing the hard work.

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