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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Work at Home II – How to Start Your Online Career

As promised, I have here a compilation on how you can start making money online. These are simple task that will earn you decent amount of cash over the Internet while doing something else. Once you have all the necessary things listed in my previous blog, then you’re good to start your online career.

For those bloggers who are still unaware that blogging can make you money, this is your chance. Any blogger can join affiliate programs and advertisements to incorporate links to there blogs for them to earn. A widely used program is Adsense which is provided by Google. You can include Adsense to your blog containing related advertisements and earn an equivalent amount every time visitors click the ads on your site.

You may also add few advertisements like Clickbanks, Bidvertiser, and others on your blog. Here’s a tip, when looking for companies that pay good with their advertisements, visit other blogs and check the advertisements that they have. You will soon have a picture of what to place on your blog. Another way of earning through blogging is the “Paid Blogging”. Site such as PayPerPost (PPP) pays its members for every “approved blog” posted on the member’s site.

PTC sites are interesting however the pay may fall under $0.01 to $0.012 per 30 seconds visit on a member advertisement. is a trusted PTC that pay good to its members. You can register to more PTC sites and start navigating there ads and they’ll pay you.

Now for other online activities that need not to work for any specific site, you can try article writing and web content writing services. Sites such as,, and are three of the most popular sites when looking for these jobs. These sites require you to register and start bidding on open projects. There are plenty of projects posted daily.

If you feel that you do not have any success in bidding projects on these sites, consider posting your services in Mostly, interested visitors of reply in about four to seven days after you have posted. Start earning online now!

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