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Friday, November 14, 2008

How to Properly Post Your Service

It’s been quite a while since I started offering my services online and I have been receiving good results from it. One factor I consider important when it comes to offering your services is the way you post it. This is your way to market what you offer and that should hit the right audience the first time they see your post. Let me share to you some techniques I was able to discover as I go along with my endeavor.

To properly post your service, make sure to include an accurate email account. This is very important since this will lead your customers to you. DO NOT USE AN EMAIL ACCOUNT associated with your payment processors. Why? Spamming is the very main reason why you should avoid it. You do not want to divulge that email account to the public or else you will be receiving spam email with is a short spam of time.

Another attraction to your post will be your title. Not the title of your post, but your title as an individual. When I say your title as an individual, I am not referring to your profession. Instead, show the public who you are. Words such as “Experienced” or “Expert” are always apple to the eyes of your client. Most clients are likely to hire people with these capabilities and expertise.

Do not include the word “cheap” in your post. If you are referring to the rate of your service, use the word “affordable” or words that convey similar meaning. This sounds better than the other. For some clients, the word “cheap” can some times reflect the quality of the work. So if you say “cheap service” then it could mean that your work will result to a poor quality or your fee is cheap.

Lead your customers to a relevant portfolio. This is your main dish. Impress your clients by showing them the quality of work you can produce and give them expectations of what they can get if they hire you. Clients will always ask for your portfolio to judge your output and determine if your work is worth the price you want.

Hope these things help and good luck everyone.

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