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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Earned $250 Last October

October is truly a special month for me. First, I’m a Libran which means that I am very lucky. Second, I earned $250 for the whole month while working few hours online. Yes! I change my working habit. Instead of working day and night like what I did last September where I earned more than $350, I managed to work at most 6 hours a day last October. Quite a small amount, but I am enjoying it since living with that amount in my place is a decent living.

I can’t believe that I was going to earn $250 while taking most of my time having pleasure and being with my family. For the month, I went to three beaches, spent my birth with my family, and did lots of fun and exciting adventures almost every other day.

I was thinking that was going to earn less than that since I changed my working hours. The best part was my regular clients continued sending me projects that I worked during my free hours (not attending to my son’s needs).

This month, I am going to aim for a higher amount and will change a little bit of my working hours. Thanks to God I made it this far.

On my next blog, I am going to share on how to effectively post your services.


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