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Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Boss…. One of My Best Friends

Finding work online can some times be difficult. Looking for the right client, earning their trust, and make them believe that you can do the job is the most difficult part of it. I was just lucky to find someone who became interested with my work and continuously provide me with work.

I consider him my boss, though we do not have any contrast and that’s how working online works. I also consider him as one of my very best friends not because of the money that he pays me for my work, but for the patience and guidance he showed me as I gradually build my ladder with my chosen career.

Not everyone is like him. Not all the time you meet someone who can pay much attention to your mistakes and willing to reshape you. That is reality. This does not normally happen online, but it did happen to me and made me very thankful for him. With all the troubles and worries I have caused my boss because of delayed turnaround of works, he is still considering my service for him.

Do you know how to earn someone’s trust even if you haven’t met him/her? The answer is simple. Honesty! Be honest in everything that you do and stay committed with you words. That will develop true friendship and will help you promote any career of your choice.

Have to delay my post about “right posting for your services”. I’ll be writing about it on my next blog.

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