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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Putting Your Heart on Your Work

As a writer, there is a need for me to try the work of others and determine how my work is doing against theirs. There was a time when I tried outsourcing a work for my own blog to a fellow writer, but was very dismayed with the product I received. That content for my blog was informational however there is no quality too it that really makes me felt sad and concluded that the heart of the writer was not on the work, but on the payment of the article.

I paid what was agreed to protect my integrity, but the product I received was seriously unimaginable and unacceptable that I had to rewrite it in order to come up with a more presentable article. The payment I made was a bit wasted on my end, but somehow it did help me figure out why writers do not achieve what they aim for. In writing, money is just secondary.

As a writer, what matters most to me is the article I deliver to my clients. Some clients may offer their article needs for prices lower than normal rates, but still you must not change the quality of the product you present. Money is not an issue but the work is. My motto is, “Work with your heart and soul for God”. This phrase keeps me inspired in writing for my clients. And it is a fulfillment for me seeing my writings published and visible to millions of people all over the world.

In everything that we do especially if that is our source of living then we must set our hearts to it and make sure to do the best in everything. Work done well is rewarded. It may not be financially, but through the satisfaction you feel after seeing how great your work is.

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